Sustainable Success

Comes from developing people and relationships


Getting a different or better result and achieving sustainable business success requires a different approach. Competitive advantage is not just about advanced technology or intellect, which is increasingly a level playing field. Competitive advantage is all about relationships, intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.


Your energy signature matters

We all have a unique quality which differentiates us from others. It is this quality, the energy signature, that others detect when you meet them for the first time. You are either attracted, repelled or indifferent. Within organisations, the energy signature of the workforce can either antagonise or support business objectives. A congruent organisation attracts individuals, prospects and clients who exhibit the attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate success - ultimately giving you the leading edge.


Once the energy signature is in alignment and congruent with personal and or business objectives, a development plan, that is ideal for the individual or business, can be formulated. Working in this way, you are able to achieve sustainable success. All the action steps required to accomplish goals can now be adhered to with ease with all habits and behaviour that sabotaged success now rescripted.


Congruent People can help to:

  • Eliminate habits and behaviour that sabotage success on an individual and organisational level
  • Improve performance by unlocking the potential of individuals and the organisation
  • Manage conflict and optimise an environment for the healthy exchange of ideas
  • Attract and retain people with the right attitudes and behaviour - partners, employees or clients
  • Develop relationships with colleagues, management and clients that advance success on all levels
  • Develop intuitive capabilities to gain competitive advantage
  • Develop bespoke personal and organisational business development strategies



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